Canada 2009

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Pearson Int Airport - Cobourg  40km

IMG_0252.jpg (96036 bytes) We arrived in Toronto around 14:00 local time, after a 7 hour flight from Frankfurt. The course was set directly to the east. We managed 40 km through an unknown number of traffic lights and tight traffic. After a brief reconnaissance in Scarborough, we found a Best Western hotel.
Scarborough - Cobourg   121km
IMG_0253.jpg (152172 bytes) Outside the hotel in Scarborough.
IMG_6416.jpg (135940 bytes) IMG_6476.jpg (153281 bytes) IMG_0300.jpg (147276 bytes) IMG_0301.jpg (143240 bytes)
SDC10257.jpg (137204 bytes) We rode about 60-70 km total before we came out of Toronto. We found a bike route that goes all the way down to Lake Ontario, and followed it the first part of the day.
IMG_6426.jpg (214145 bytes) Lunch break at Lake Ontario.
IMG_6425.jpg (135649 bytes) We realized eventually that we would never reach around, if we should to follow The Lake Wiew Trak. So we moved over to the nearest main road, to reach Cobourg before dark.
Cobourg - Kingston   166km
SDC10297.jpg (208397 bytes)  We early started to discuss whether we should ride around Lake Ontario in 6 days or not. 
IMG_6461.jpg (200763 bytes) After almost 170 km through beautiful scenery, we arrived in Kingston relatively late. We had planned to find us a hotel, but found a B & B. After a short price negotiation with the owner, we decided to stay at The Secret Garden. The owner agreed to have us as guests as we ďdidnít look criminal  ...., apart from him," He pointed to the Swede. We made early up that the couple who ran the B & B was gay. Everything showed signs of it.
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We got the most sophisticated breakfast on the trip.
Kingston - Oswego   136km
SDC10346.jpg (98926 bytes) We took a ferry from Kingston to the Wolfe Island. We rode across the island, and took the ferry across to United States.
SDC10351.jpg (120296 bytes) It does not take more than 10 minutes by ferry, but we used at least an hour however to pass passport control in the United States. We did not start serious cycling before for 1 oíclock so we didnít arrive in Oswego before it got dark.
SDC10282.jpg (163304 bytes) The Canadian was 72 years old and was heading from Montreal to Denver! It gives hope for future generations.
Oswego - Rochester   130km
SDC10358.jpg (175718 bytes) From Oswego landscape was a bit more hilly, but the biggest height difference was not more than about 200 meters. The trip around Lake Ontario doesnít give the major challenges and you neither get the big overview of the landscape from you bike in.
Rochester stood in bold on the map, but that it should be a million town, came as a surprise.
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Rochester - Niagara Falls   132km
SDC10365.jpg (177610 bytes) Pause on the way to Niagara Falls..
SDC10429.jpg (48155 bytes) The highlight, quite literally, was Niagara Falls. If you didnít look any other place than at  Niagara Falls, it was a natural experience, but Canadians certainly trying to make the surroundings look like the new Las Vegas. Tasteless, if you ask me.
SDC10426.jpg (70047 bytes) SDC10432.jpg (148139 bytes) SDC10427.jpg (77067 bytes) SDC10411.jpg (168166 bytes)
IMG_6536.jpg (79394 bytes) Finally, we confirmed which way the water flows between Lake Ontario and Lake Erie. Niagara Falls flows into Lake Ontario. The people we asked, the locals did not know or answered incorrectly.
Niagara Falls - Mississauga   136km
IMG_6566.jpg (190337 bytes) After fumbling around in Niagara Falls, we found the best bike route out of the area. The weather was with us the whole trip. We had only 5 minutes of rain.
IMG_6605.jpg (66819 bytes) Bicycle Taxis in Toronto.
IMG_0359.jpg (131527 bytes) Successful hunting for Canadian Goose jackets. The jackets are difficult to obtain in Canada. The reason is said to be that Scandinavians are buying them all. Half the day was spent before we had managed to get 4 pieces in the right size.
IMG_6600.jpg (364867 bytes) We managed to see the towers, at least from below.
Mississauga - Pearson Int Airport 25km
IMG_6612.jpg (61972 bytes) We cycled to the airport on departure day.
IMG_6615.jpg (148988 bytes) We arrived in good time and managed a couple of beers and a hamburger before departure.
Maybe not the greatest cycling experience we've had, but nice people, good food, good beer, nice weather and good traveling companions, made the trip a highlight.


A total of 887 km