Ireland 1992
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Ireland in April 1992
motwind.jpg We started our journey to Ireland with 26-hour train trip from Narvik and Malmø, where we visited some friends before we went over to Ireland by plane from Copenhagen. We learned afterwards that traveling route must be more efficient to get more out of your cycling tour. We finally arrived in Ireland, and started the journey to the west coast. After a navigation error, about 40 km strait north instead of west, we got on the right track. Ireland offered all types of weather the same day, changing from sun to pouring rain in short time. But what I remember best is the head wind! We made 100km in 10 hours, and used no more than the 2-3 lowest gears.
The pub in Mullingar
Mullingar.jpg Friday at 11:00 am we passed Mullingar. We took a break to refuel at one of the local pubs. Nice people, but we had great difficulty understanding what some said. The problems were not caused by dialect, but rather that the individual had consumed too much too soon. High unemployment is likely to blame.
stein.jpg On the tour we stayed in a town called Athlone. Nice city that can be recommended. After 3 days of riding in extreme wind we finally arrived in Galway. We stayed at a B & B, with pub downstairs. The next day we went to the Aran Islands from Galway.  Inishmore is the largest of these islands, and has beautiful cliffs at up to 100 meters along the west coast. Other sights to see are two prehistoric forts on island, 3000-4000 years old. One of them is called Dun Aonghus and is situated completely out on the cliff. With passage of about one meter clearance on the cliff edge, it is not particularly child friendly!
On the cliff edge
Copy of på kanten.jpg (47860 bytes) Gøran at the cliff edge in stormy weather. From approximately 90 meters further down the sea sprays over the edge.
atter stein.jpg We cycled where we had the opportunity on the island, but with bikes that are poorly suited to off-road, we had to leave them, and walk instead. Landscape at  Inishmore is rough, and it's nothing that protects it from the Atlantic Ocean. We spent two days on the island, before we headed back to Galway and Dublin. Ireland was fun because of the friendly
Distanse about 400 km