Italia 2013


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Roma flyplass - Lido di Ostia Anzio

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We arrived in Rome at noon and navigating out of the airport went exceptionally smoothly compared to last time. There was only one stop to make sure we were on the right track . We rode about a 10km down to Ostia , where we had our first stop.

From Ostia we followed the coast all the way down to Anzio . It is rare that you can cycle along the coast while watching the shoreline. It is usually blocked by vegetation. The route is almost flat and we had nice tailwind.

We arrived at Anzio relatively early in the afternoon and found a hotel , after some searching around the area.

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Anzio Gaeta

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The plan was to follow the coast towards Gaeta. We missed a turn towards the coast and ended nearly up in Latina. From there we navigated us back to shore. We followed the coast a few miles , but the again ending up farther in. There is a coastal road all the way from Anzio to Gaeta .

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Geata Napoli

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A part from the last 20 km befor Naples, the entire stretch from Rome to Naples is relatively flat. On the way to Naples , we were surprised by a thunderstorms, with the heaviest rain I've seen. We a shelter in a tavern and stayed there at least 2 hours before we managed to go on. The roads were flooded in some areas. As Tommen came cycling a car backed into him and gave him a little bath in the stinking water.

We passed a crater lake just because we got to Naples. The area called Campania and the lake Lago de Averno . We cycled into the port area and decided to check possible boats for Sardina . After a lot of hassle and poor Italian service we found out that there was no boat for about 2 days. We found a four-star hotel in the port area.

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Napoli BeneVento

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After Napoli the up hills started . From the port area its relatively flat for approx 20 kilometers eastwards. Then it's only upwards for 20 km. From 600 meters its a down hill down to 400 meters for about 10 km , before it rises again up to ca. 500 meters

The rest of the trip down to Benevento is a continuous downhill. The area is relatively quiet and its ideal for cycling. We had temperatures up to 39 degrees over the mountains. 

When we were heading towards one of the hotels in the city center, we were stopped by an older man. He could tell us that we should not stay there, because it was so expensive. He explained to us the way to another hotel a few hundred meters away, which would be cheaper. We let ourselves be persuaded and it was the most expensive accommodation on the trip.

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BeneVento Foggia

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I woke up nauseous and vomit sick in the morning . We had eaten pizza the night before, but it was only me that was not in shape.

After a navigation error in the city, we got on the right path towards Foggia . The first leg started with almost 50 km uphill in 40 degrees. Unable to keep food I only managed 2 liters of water dor 90 km..

But when we past the top of the second mountain, it went down for nearly 45 km all the way to Foggia . We overnight at the Hotel Europe . Good frontage, but not quite the same still indoor..

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Foggia Termoli

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Actually, I really wanted to ride east to the Gargano National Park, but we had unfortunately not enough time. It had been 200 km extra. We took the strait path up to Termoli. There was not much to see for the first 20 km, apart from prostitute, who was stationed at many of the parking spaces along the stretch. It seemed well organized and probably none of the girls were Italian.

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Termoli Isernia

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The first 100km from Termoli to Isernia was a continuous up hill . I must give all the glory to Italian road engineers. The uphill had a gradient of 2-4% almost all the way up . 

In Italy it is no obstacle to build a highway across freshwater resources. See the picture. The last 10 km to Isernia was mostly downhill.

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Isenia Terracina

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From Isernia we cycled to Venafro. In one way or another we ended on a highway and didnt realize it until we should turn of. From Venafro there is a smaller uphill for approx. 100meters altitude deference. We had expected a long tunnel on the top , but it was no big deal. From there it is downhill to San Pietro Infine . 


Cassino.jpg (215827 bytes) We had a stop in Cassino . The monastery above the village is known from World War 2 .

From Cassino we continued down the coast and entered the same road as we had cycled southwards on. We passed Gaeta and continued to Terracina , where we stayed .

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Terracina - Lido di Ostia

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Breakfast in Italy isn't those we get on norwegian hotels......

From Terracina we followed the coast up to Lido di Ostia .

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Lido di Ostia - Flyplass

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From Ostia to the airport its only 10 km. We stressed in the beginning and started to cycle straight east instead of north. After a few miles we decided to turn and so we did by pedaling against the trafic. It was not well received by motorists .....surprisingly. We managed to get over the fence, that separated the roads. And then we were on the right road towards the airport . See picture to the left.

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VWe were lucky with the weather the hole trip. It was sunny almost every day and temperatures up to 40 degrees. The traffic outside the cities was acceptable, but the Italians' attitude towards traffic rules can be described as relaxed. They are only concerned with what is happening in front of the car while what is going on behind they take no notice of. Whats positive is that they actually take into account cyclists, more than they do in Norway.

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Totalt 930 km