Andalucia 2018
Kart Andalucia

Malaga – Hotel Los Amigos

Arrived Malaga 15:40. We rode 3 miles from Malaga Airport to Hotel Los Amigos. A lot of traffic, but the motorists keep a good distance.
13.10.2018 Los Amigos – Algeceira 113 km

We followed the A7 and N340 to Algeceira. Much traffic in the beginning, but calmed down eventually, possibly because of. that it was Saturday. 

  As we approached Gibraltar, we agreed to share ourselves in two groups. Arne, Ståle and Tommen went to Gibraltar, but Gøran and I went straight to the hotel in Algeceira.
14.10.2018 Algeceira – Conil de la Frontera. 97 km

Tommen and Ståle went to Morocco while the rest rode on to Tarfia and further up to Conil de la Frontera. The trip started with 10 km uphill to 332m and then a great downhill to Tarifa, which unfortunately was a bit characterized by a lot of winds, rain and 11 degrees. We were completely drenched on arrival Tarifa. After a short and cold stop, we continued north to Conil. The weather improved, but not the headwind.

  Stop in Tarifa. Wet and cold.
15.10.2018 Conil de la Frontera – Jerez de la Frontera 93 km

We rode on to Cadiz. After the plan, we had to take a boat from the old town to the north side. Because of. a lot of wind the boat did not go so we chose to ride back to pass over the bridge a little further south. However, it was forbidden to ride the bridge so we had to return to San Fernando. Followed A4 to Jerez. Probably it was not allowed to ride there either, but as far as we could see there was no alternative and we had a heavy rainfall coming up. We just got there, before the heavy rain started.


16.10.2018 Jerez – Sevilla 102 km

Absolutely flat stretch. The day started with relatively close fog, but it improved over the day. Periodically poor asphalt and gravel on the stretch. We also entered a mud road, but were fortunately shown the right path by 'los locales'.



Seville tour on foot 


We decided not to cycle to Grenada because of. an extreme weather message, with up to 100-200mm rain / day. We spent day 2 in Seville to look around in the old town.



18.10.2018 Sevilla – Olvera 108 km

Partly difficult navigation out of Seville. We followed the A92 and then the A360 towards Olvera. From Moron de la Frontera it was 37 km mostly upwards. (18-10%). We stayed in Olvera for the night.



19.10.2018 Olvera – Malaga 106 km

We followed Tommen's navigation from Almargen. We past over a walkway to the other side of the railway. There we found a  road with little trafic, but mixed road quality. We fellowed A 384 onto A357. We stayed at the Royal Costa outside Malaga.

20.10.2018 Malaga

We moved to the Holiday Inn Malaga Airport because we had a flight to Oslo at 6:50 PM the next day. This hotel is only 2 km from the airport.

21.20.2018 Home travel day
Andalucia can be highly recommended as a cycling destination. Along the Mediterranean coast it was relatively busy, but from Algeceira it improved. The coast from Tarifa and up to Cadiz is picturesque and Jerez and Seville are definitely worth a visit. We were unlucky with the weather so we decided not to sycle to Granada and the Alhambra.
Dreamteam 2018  
  Total 680 km