Krakow-Berlin 2016
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30.09.2016 Krakow-Auschwitz 60km
IMG_1423.jpg (1979642 bytes) From Krakow airport we rode directly toward Auswitz, where we planned the first night. From there we had planned to ride through the Czech Republic, and for that reason we did not have time to visit Krakow this time.
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01.10.2016 Auschwitz-Ostrava 95km
2016-10-01-09.21.16.jpg (136894 bytes) After a trip to Auschwitz, we continued towards Otrava. We found a decent bike route in fine surroundings and little traffic.
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02.10.2016 Ostrava-Sumperk 126km
IMG_1480.jpg (644516 bytes) After a trip to Auschwitz, we continued towards Otrava. We found a decent bike route in fine surroundings and little traffic.
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03.10.2016 Sumperk-Hradec Kralove 113km
2016-10-03-20.04.47.jpg (120590 bytes) The trip from Sumperk to Hradec Kralove offered much of the same rugged landscape, heavy traffic and little space to ride on. The weather also changed from about 22 degrees to 6 degrees and rain. 20161003_205859.jpg (78069 bytes)
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04.10.2016 Hradec Kralove-Liberec 110km
2016-10-04-08.43.58.jpg (133352 bytes) Status quo in terms of weather, road and traffic matters.
6 well clothed men, before departing Hradec Kralove. This day was the temperature as low as 4 degrees.
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05.10.2016 Liberec-Schleipzig 18km
IMG_1547.jpg (519088 bytes) To get 2 full days in Berlin, we decided to take the train a north into Germany., More specifically Lübben.


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2016-10-05-17.44.19.jpg (162945 bytes) There was no possibility to find a hotel room in Lübben so we rode on to Schleipzig 18 kilometers further north. The weather was not on our side this day either and the route they had advised us was decent enough, but the bikes were completely covered with mud, because of the wet surface. I was a little concerned whether they would let us into the hotel, ( 4 stars), but everything  went smoothly, although we left some tracks behind us ...
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06.10.2016 Schleipzig-Berlin 95km
P1020358(1).jpg (239390 bytes) The last stretch towards Berlin went much through woodlands, with little traffic.
07-09.10.2016 In Berlin 35 km
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Skjermbilde7.jpg (76586 bytes) We spent a whole day in Berlin to ride around to different attractions. The town is well suited for cycling. The next day we spent mostly on a fantastic Bierstube :-)
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Stċle  Tommen BT Arne Zĝrken  Ego
For the first time we were 6 people on bike ride, and I was initially worried that it might be problem with the bikes on buses and planes, but it went smoothly.

The route we chose through Czech Republic was cycling ratio is not a good choice. Dali has previously cycled further south in the Czech Republic and there were better conditions for cyclists. Alternatively, we could have chosen less congested roads, but it would have prolonged daily stages and likely given many more altitude meters.

Bicycle experience in Germany, however, was much better. Here everything seemed much better adapted for cycling.

  650 km