USA 2014

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New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts   2014.09.05-09.15
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06.09.2014  Dag 1: New York - Port Jefferson 90km
IMGA0714.jpg (638555 bytes) We arrived NY 8:30 p.m. in the evening, after a 7 hour flight with Norwegian Dreamliner on track.....
From terminal 1, we took the airport train to Jamaica Station. Jamaica emerged not just as the best westside. Tired and a little confused, we relied not entirely on the GPS. Despite that, we found relatively easily  the JFK Inn. After we had checked in we went out to fine something to eat. We did not find any restaurants, but a gas station. where we bunkered up with Mexican beer and sandwich
, and went back to the hotel. Supper in bed, but with an indescribable Mexican beer that tasted Bloody Mary.
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We started early Saturday morning. I had checked the route on Gooogle Map, which looked quite straightforward. We never found the road. It was a full day of traffic lights. We arrived at Port Jefferson in fantastic weather. It had been around 30 degrees and the beer thirst was urgent. We found ourselves a great restaurant right by the sea.
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07.09.2014 Dag 2: Port Jefferson - New London 85km
DSC_3092.jpg (518238 bytes) An other day with traffic lights and first when we passed Riverhead, it  began to be a nice landscape, with beaurteful beaches The temperature passed 35 degrees at midday. We rode out to the northeast point of Long Island and took the ferry over to New London. The ferry takes 1.5 hours.
IMGA0733.jpg (250593 bytes) Gøran as a lifeguard. Last hydration stop before the ferry.
DSC_3108.jpg (349615 bytes) Fine sand beaches along the north side of Long Island.
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08.09.2014 Dag 3: New London - Westfield 126km
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We had planned to find a place to stay in downtown New London, but ended up in a rather drab area. We spent some time finding us a place to eat among dealerships and more. We went for an hour before we found a restaurant and it was just across the street from the motel Red Roof. People do not live in downtown in most US cities. We never managed to see NL in the evening. According to one of the locals we met on the ferry, NL had not much to offer anyway. In NL prevented american submarines. We saw a giant under construction when we arrived by ferry.
NMS_3122.jpg (289896 bytes) New London is located in the state of Connecticut. Here we passed the border of Massachusetts, headed towards Westfield.
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The terrain of New London is relatively flat and much forest. That means we did not get the great nature experience. On the way to Westfield we passed Springfield. Springfield is a criminal offense heavily the city. We had therefore decided to stop in Westfield. After some searching for a place to stay, we found a motel relatively central. We met a very nice bunch at a bar and had one of the nicest evenings of the trip.
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09.09.2014 Dag 4: Westfield - Albany 141km
DSC_3129.jpg (324647 bytes) After a pleasant evening at a small pub in West Field the trip went on to Alabany.
DSC_3133.jpg (408892 bytes) From Westfield began a more hilly terrain with elevation up to 400 meters a couple  of times.
IMGA0749.jpg (425222 bytes) With all the long climb and the heat comes thirst ....  
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Lunch in Nassau. 

Towards Alabany we rode us in on a Highway. There was no sign that it was not allowed to ride there, so we continued on. Although it was no signs we had a bad filling that cyclists were not admitted, but it was only 10km left to Alabany. We had cycled approximately half the distance, when a police car backed from the central reservation towards  us with the blue light on. Soon after another 2 police cars came. We explained that we did not know that it was not allowed to ride on this road and that it neither was marked cycling prohibited. The officer was unusually sympathetic. He asked for our passports and home addresses, and went back to the police car. As they stood there, Goran took up his the videocamera and started filming ...
The problem is that the videocamera can be confused with a gun, because it has pistol handle. I
can not say that I was quite comfortable, but fortunately they didn't take any notice of the filming. Another problem was that Goran had empty beer cans on the carrier and in the bottle holder ....
Expect that
he chose to ignore it. After a while he came back and said that he would accompany us to the nearest exit.
Well of Highway'en we thanked for good service and continued into Albany without penalty.
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10.09.2014 Dag 5: Albany - Kingston 103km
DSC_3139.jpg (460395 bytes) We rode into Downtown Albany, hoping to find a hotel there. Unfortunately, it was full everywhere so we had to ride back out of the center, to find a place to stay. We found a motel on the outskirts of town.
DSC_3145.jpg (234329 bytes) Charging of various equipment. A real spider .....
20140909_102024.jpg (391667 bytes) From Albany to NY you can follow Interstate road 9 along Hudson river. We followed the Hudson river on the left side almost all the way down to Kingston. The road is not very busy. DSC_3128.jpg (443813 bytes)
20140910_153259.jpg (257103 bytes) We rode almost 70 km before we found a place to take a break. The area is sparsely populated. We took two cold beers, together with the friendly staff. We were invited to horseshoes trowing , but we had to continue before it got dark.
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11.09.2014 Dag 6: Kingston - Peekskill 110km
DSC_3149.jpg (106971 bytes) 11th.September. Pedestrian bridge over the Hudson River at Poughkeepsie,
DSC_3152.jpg (363047 bytes) About 40 km further south of Kingston, we tried to bike over the bridge that was only reserved for cars. We were stopped and had to return back to a walking bridge over the Hudson River at Poughkeepsie. After a short stop at a restaurant, we continued over to the east side and found, with some help from a nice american, a railroad track that was converted into a bike path. The bike path went 20 km south / southwest to Hopewell Junction.
DSC_3154.jpg (271212 bytes) The disused railway station Hopewell Junction.
20140911_202331.jpg (59512 bytes) We arrived Peekskill relatively late, and found a great motel on the outskirts of town. The best hotel of the trip. We decided to eat at the hotel and it was a wonderful experience. Great food and wonderful sunset in anticipation of a storm that never hit us.
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12.09.2014 Dag 7: Peekskill - NY 73km
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We discussed the possibility of taking a shorter way to NY, than the GPS showed. We tried to ask at the hotel, but they weren't sure.At last we found a gay in the bar that said it was possible to cycle 9 and 9A to NY. We staked everything on one hand, and rode down to the Hudson River and hoped that it was correct. At first bunkering in Croton-On-Hudson we met, as luck, a truck driver who told us where we could bike. Along the highway it is built a cycle path  that made it possible to cycle straight ahead, instead of cycling 15 km extra.
First stop on the day's stage was an old mill dating from prehistoric time ...
200 years :-)

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DSC_3163.jpg (324170 bytes) We arrived in Manhattan on Brodway. Fantastic !!!
The arrival to the hotel was not as impressive. What I thought was a hotel turned out to be a hospice in habitual poor condition.
IMGA0771.jpg (228957 bytes)å  At the door it stood a warning  from the goverment, that a number of rooms were closed because of health reasons. For a little while, I was unsure if we had a place to stay, but it worked out ... somehow. A more crappy hotel I have never stayed at. We survived. We spent most of the time checking out NY.
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....NY  by night. 
To the left: Bryant Park og Public Library.
To the right: Times Square.

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13.09.2014 Dag 8: Around Manhattan 40km
DSC_3169.jpg (231532 bytes) Down the stairs with the bike from 4.etage. DSC_3202.jpg (138916 bytes)

IMGA0791.jpg (314636 bytes) When we arrived in Manhattan we cycled through Central Park. The next day we decided to bike around Manhattan. Along the waterfront, it's made  bike paths that go around the entire Manhattan. The trip we took was approxemately 40km. SE map.

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DSC_3172.jpg (155059 bytes) Chelsea area that we stayed in is known for high density of gays ....  DSC_3187.jpg (253792 bytes)

DSC_3180.jpg (329961 bytes) Jogging wave is back in NY. There were lots of people out and trained on the entire route around Manhattan. DSC_3176.jpg (391242 bytes)
20140913_221341.jpg (128441 bytes) American IPA worth a try !! We tried out a large part of the range at a bar ......
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Dag 9: NY - JFK Airport 73km 
DSC_3211.jpg (305252 bytes) Departure day we decided to ride over the Brooklyn Bridge to Brooklyn, DSC_3212.jpg (325168 bytes)
DSC_3215.jpg (316382 bytes) We rode through Brooklyn Park. We ending up doing two laps. Fantastic park that are undervalued relative to Central Park. DSC_3216.jpg (320546 bytes)
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We chose to cycle down to Rockaway Park and from there up to JFK Airport. The flight home was not until 9:35 p.m. so we had the whole day. SE map. There were no problems with cycling to Terminal 1. I believe it's also possible to cycle from the same terminal, but we never tried it. We took the airport train to Jamaica Station on arrival.

We had another great bike ride in the USA. It must be the first trip without so much as a puncture. If we had rode the south side of Long Island, we would probably have had a better experience. Connecticut. was mostly forest and little to see. The route through Massachusetts was more hilly and gave a better outdoor experience. The trip from Albany down the Hudson River was a great experience and it is quite possible to ride all the way either, 9J, 9 and 9A. The roads are mostly low traffic. NY and Manhattan was an experience in itself and the city limits to a new and a longer stay.

85 mil