USA 2003 

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California  21.03- 31.03.2003
 Day 1
I.jpg (443282 byte) From Seattle to Mexico, there is a bicycle route called the Pacific Coast Bike Route. We had only a 11 days trip to USA, and chose to cycle from San Francisco to Los Angeles. Because time zone difference between Norway and California is 9 hours, we woke up extremely early every morning. The first morning in San Francisco, we were up at 5:30, and started riding to Santa Cruz at 07:00. We had some fog in the morning, but the rest of the day the weather was great. Sunny and 23 to 27 degrees! California has a lot of fog in summertime, while it’s generally very good weather in spring.
Day 2
X.jpg (53490 byte) After we had spent the night in Santa Cruz, we went on to Monterey The city has a fantastic akvarium, which we unfortunately did not have time to visit. Both towns are definitely worth a visit.
Day 3
P.jpg (37852 byte) On the way south from Monterey we passed the Devil's slide. It’s a landslide hazard area on highway 1.


We followed Highway 1 all the way from San Francisco to Santa Barbara. The road is well suited to cycling and is part of the Pacific Coast Bike Route. You can pretty much stay on the road or great bike paths, but when you approach larger towns, you're not allowed on Highway 1. The same applies when you are leaving. Here the GPS gave us great advantages.

From Monterey and south to
San Luis Obispo it’s mostly wilderness, and we cycled more than 160 km before we found a place to stay. We had no tent with us so we had to find a hotel or motel.


The landscape is incredibly beautiful with a rich wildlife. Some areas are somewhat hilly, but we were not higher up than approximately 500 meters on the entire tour.

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ff.jpg (29971 byte) The beaches are breathtaking, but the temperature of the water is not particularly high, despite the warm climate.
Day 4
U.jpg (49375 byte) Gøran fills the tank before the next stretch to San Luis Obispo. The goal for the day was Guadalupe, but on arrival we quickly decided to proceed to Santa Maria. Guadalupe was the end of the world, and I must admit we felt a little insecure. We came to Guadalupe right before sunset, but the 30 km to Santa Maria, we managed to cycle in less than an hour.
Day 5
T.jpg (77083 byte) California produces a lot of good wine, and we chose to ride through a Vine valley south of Santa Maria.
C.jpg (64679 byte) The area had little traffic.
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 Gøran got very sweaty after some intense up hills at the end of the valley.
B.jpg (67211 byte) We passed Solvang. The town is made up of Danish immigrants and was heavily influenced by it!
A.jpg (72994 byte) As we approached Santa Barbara, we had an accident.
 I was cycling downhill in approximately 50 km/h, when both wheels I hit an angle iron lying in the road. Wheels, tires and tubes were broken, but I managed to not overturn. Due to the damage of tires I punctured a total of 7 times before I got to Santa Barbara. We did not have a spare tire! In the picture I repair the tire for the7th time and the mood wasn’t quite on top.
We missed an experience of Santa Barbara’s nightlife.
Day 6

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At the beach in Santa Barbara
We didn’t get further, but we had, after all, cycled 650 km for 5 days.

Santa Barbara Railwaystation

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We took the train back to San Francisco, to get a few days there.
San Francisco

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San Francisco vwas an amazing city, and here we should have had a  minimum of 14 days.

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We took Cabelcar to Fishermans Warft

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Gøran onboard a Cablecar. We also cycled around the entire San Francisco.
Golden Gate
ee.jpg (37047 byte) One of the goals for the trip was that we should cycle across the Golden Gate

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....... and the goal was reached.
California was a positive experience. Although we went to the United States the same day as Iraq war started, we had no problems. People were friendly and helpful, and the male population in San Francisco by far!
Because of time differences, we had early mornings and not so late nights. We were unable to get rid of jet leg, but for riding it was no problem.

Total: 720 km