Yorkshire 1995 

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1995 A trip to York

pŚ tur.jpg We travelled via Oslo to Newcastle with Braathens. The tour went down the east coast country, before we turned south-west towards York. We spent 2 days on the trip.
Camping i York
 y camping.jpg We came relatively late to York, but effectiveness concering tenting, cooking and showering, have gradually improved. York is of course a place we should have spent more time.
stigning.jpg We had previously experienced uphill Dartmoor south of Exeter, but slopes in some areas of Yorkshire was not much behind.
Accommodation behind the barn
overnatting.jpg On the way to the west coast we had a stop in Grisbeck, and a stranger place we've never been to. Because it was getting dark, we asked about the possibilities to set up a camp for the night near the pub. But we were not welcomed there, despite the fact that we were three handsome boys (possibly smelled a little bit, but nothing worse than that), we felt compelled to continue, and it was already dark so it was not very pleasant. We tried in the next village, where there were no vacant beds in B & B. People tough were very nice here, and showed us the way to a farmer a bit further up the street. He let us set up the tent behind the barn. It was no shower that day, but we went to the pub anyway.
Isle of Man
man.jpg After being served hot tea for breakfast, we continued on. The goal was Heysham and ferry to Man. We arrived in time for the ferry and the ferry trip over took about 4 hours. The campground in Douglas is close to the center. We didnít cycle much on Isle of Man, but we managed a tour over to Peel on the west side.
Break for lunch on the way to Allonby
matpause.jpg The problem in populated areas are car density. Besides, for some reason itís also curbs along main roads in England. In addition, plastic or metal reflectors are partially on top of the asphalt so that in some areas itís only 10-20 cm to ride on. The continuously heavy traffic passing makes cycling dangerous. It easily occurs dangerous situations and punctures / rollovers under such conditions. Sometimes we considered strongly to get off the bikes, and walk instead for safety reasons. The worst stretch was actually the last day from Allonby to Newcastle.
kaldt.jpg (39629 bytes) I In addition, it rained like.... So we were forced to have an extra pub visits. Here you see two frozen cyclists outside the pub, just before we started on the last leg towards Newcastle.
Wet camp
vŚt camping.jpg  The disappointment was great when we finally arrived at Newcastle camp late at night. The campsite was closed, and there were no B&B. We found, however, a pub, and got at least got a chance to changed t-shirts. At closing time we set up tent right outside.

Newcastle by night
uteliv.jpg After a wet night we deserved a hotel room in Newcastle. We had a well-deserved shower and then a visit to the pubs of Newcastle. We started with a sumptuous Indian meal. Then we went to as many PUBSí as possible. Newcastle was a positive surprise, with pleasant people, and a decent nightlife.
Trail the dog
trail.jpg Trail the dog
 In order to get a T-shirts we had to visit a minimum of five named pubs / bars. Tommen proved to be a very good navigator, and led his rather animated friends perfectly around the track.
Distance: about 750 km